Which Sports do Children Prefer and Why – Top 4 Most Popular Choices

December 20, 2020

Even though the Internet is taking over and many children prefer spending time indoors with their computers than outside playing sports with their friends, there are still some sports that are very popular among children. Take a look at the 4 most popular sports that children still love and find out what benefits they can get from them. 

1. Football

Football is the most popular sport among children and teenagers and this probably has a lot to do with the popularity this sport has all over the world in general. Children grow up watching their parents root for their favorite teams, going to games and learning all team members’ names by heart. Football is most often played outside with friends, and it is the sport that children most often want to pursue more seriously. This popularity is also linked with numerous football players that use social media and thus promote the sport even more. If your child wants to play football, you should encourage them. Football promotes teamwork and builds close friendships, but it also has amazing benefits for your child’s health – it improves flexibility and coordination, strengthens muscles, and promotes blood flow since it involves a lot of running. 

2. Swimming 

There is something about swimming that just attracts people of all ages, but especially children. They love spending time in the water and having fun with their friends, while also improving their swimming skills. What is great about swimming is that children see it more as a fun activity than a rigorous sport with painful exercises.

Of course, swimming is very healthy as it improves lung power while strengthening all of the body muscles at the same time.  

3. Cycling 

Do you remember the first time you got on a bike and started riding? You probably felt excited, a little bit scared, but most of all free. That incredible feeling that cycling gives us as young children still occurs every time a child starts learning how to ride a bike. Not to mention all the fun adventures you can go on with your friends once you master cycling. Because of that, it is no wonder that cycling is one of the most popular sports among children. Cycling strengthens cardiovascular functions, improves balance as well as the muscles. Just don’t forget to equip your child with some protective gear that includes a helmet, and teach them about road safety.

4. Basketball

Just like with football, children learn to love basketball from their parents and other adults. When the entire world is obsessed with this sport and pays attention to every game, it is not surprising that children want to do just the same. Not to mention the popularity basketball players have among children and teenagers – they are tall, lean, strong, and popular, which is exactly what every child wants to be. They all have their favorite teams and favorite players that they look up to, so there is a great chance your child will want to take up basketball. Basketball can help your child learn how to think fast and move fast, improves coordination, and strengthens muscles.