Is Peloton Really That Great?

February 24, 2022

We cannot always go outside or to the gym to exercise. Sometimes, we need to stay indoors and exercise on our own. Not everybody likes exercising indoors. It can be boring and unmotivating, though motivation does come once you are through the first set of exercises. In this day and age, we look to the internet for solutions. Just like people who like betting on sports look for signup offers like the 888sport new customer offer, people who exercise find a way to use the internet to their benefit.

Some companies have realized that this is a good way to profit. Peloton Interactive started making stationary bicycles and treadmills, but with a twist. They have screens and can be used to stream content of all kinds.

Are they worth it? It depends.

Motivation at the Press of a Button

You can opt to have other cyclists and runners motivate you through the official Peloton streams. This is a great way to do exercise, as you are technically not doing it alone. Whether you want to cycle or run, either works better when you have company, even distant and through a plethora of devices to help you communicate.

For those who lack motivation and the urge to get going, this is the perfect solution.

You Can Stream Whatever You Want

The devices come with decent speakers, bluetooth and wifi, so that every user can do whatever they want when running or cycling. You don’t have to watch motivational workouts and streams, but rather something you find entertaining.

Some people use that time to learn, watch movies or simply take their mind elsewhere, away from the pain of working out for hours. 

It Might Be Too Much Stimulation

We already live in a world where every single thing acts as a stimulant. We get tiny bits of dopamine from social media, YouTube, Twitch, movies, TV shows. We are almost with our phones throughout the entirety of the day. Having another screen while working out is not going to help, particularly in the long run. 

One of the reasons there is a lack of motivation is definitely too much screen time.

It Doesn’t Help Us Focus

When you are watching a movie, documentary or funny videos, how much are you invested in it? Are you invested enough to forget that you are working out? Most likely. Focusing on the workout is much more important than being motivated by external factors.

It Depends on the User

Some users need a break from all the hard work they do throughout the day and they simply do not have the time. Working out and enjoying that TV show that you like is much better than just watching it and missing the workout or vice versa. It is not the most optimal way to work out, but it is a great compromise if you are short on time.

Peloton devices can be great for workouts, but they can also be a distraction. It all depends on the user.