Do You Want to Start Running? Here Are Tips for Beginner Runners!

December 29, 2021

Exercise can help us achieve many things, from peace of mind to being overall healthier. One of the healthiest and best exercises to consider is running. Running is one of those activities that almost all people can do, with little to no money invested into gear. Running seems like a hard undertaking for newcomers, but it is far from it. 

Running is easy to start, and here are some tips so that you avoid problems most beginner runners have.

Get Out and Run

There is no need to mince words when it comes to running. You simply need to get out and start running. It is as simple as it can get. Get a pair of sneakers or running shoes, or whatever you have that is decently comfortable and start running. The distances should be short and the tempo should be slow, but one should start running. Set a goal in mind, like a mile or kilometer, and go for it.

Pay Attention to the Ankles and Knees

Your joints will be under pressure when running. It is good to know that the said joints can handle the stress, but if one is overweight, then that might be a problem. Work on strength exercises rather than going out to run at first, if that is the case.

Otherwise, start running, but do it slowly, to give your body time to adapt to the pressure and the strain of exercising.

Change Surfaces After a While

Once you have been running for some time, it would be a good idea to change surfaces. Some surfaces are harder and have more impact force, but they will be more linear, like asphalt. Grass is great and soft, but it can be slippery and uneven. Dirt roads are also good, perhaps the best compromise between linearity and hardness. Change surfaces, challenge your muscles to adapt.

Increase Distance Or Intensity

Training cannot be the same. The body adapts and then it needs change and a challenge. Changing the distance you run is a crucial part of that. If you want shorter workouts, keep the distance the same, but change the tempo, thus increasing intensity. Both can work to stimulate development.

Run With Friends

Running with friends is even better. Try and focus more on the running than the talking, that can be done afterwards, whilst stretching or resting. Running in pairs or groups is a great way to stay motivated and on task.

Running is not a boogeyman to be afraid of, but a great activity for anybody with a pair of shoes to enjoy. With these tips, you can start your running journey, and who knows where it will take you.