These Are Some Advantages of Playing Sports

March 23, 2022

Sports are great as hobbies, recreational activities, and even as career choices. Not all sports are the same but given their competitive nature, they are all great for many things. Sports are good to watch – that’s as fun as placing a bet on our favorite player with codere app, but sports are even better when one decides to participate in them.

Sports are often talked about as something that we should embrace for our health. There are many reasons as to why sports are good for us, but not to repeat the obvious, let us go into detail and see where sports can help us with our health.

Motivation Through Working Out

Whenever we go to work out, or in this case, play sports, our bodies get tired, but some hormones are secreted which make us feel better, almost immediately after starting our workout and sports session. Sports make us feel even better because they imply socialization, which workouts do not have to have.

When we work out or engage in sports activities, our bodies secrete endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that are secreted when under physical stress, such as exercise. Endorphin is a blend of two words, endogenous, meaning produced inside the body, and morphine, meaning the opioid which makes us feel good.

However, endorphins are not addictive, because we create them. They block pain, but they also make us feel euphoric, which is what happens after good workout sessions, running, or doing sports.

Better Circulation and Less Body Fat

Even though body fat is best lost through changing our nutritional habits to being in a caloric deficit (burning more calories than we eat), exercise can help in this as well. Sports help even more because sports can take our minds away from the pain of exercise, giving us more reasons to keep going and burning those calories. 

Most sports are aerobic, meaning that our hearts and lungs will get a good exercise as well. A strong heart and lungs which can transmit more oxygen are one of the best ways to stay healthy.

A Stronger Immune System

When exercising, our body releases adrenaline. When adrenaline is in our body, our immune system becomes stronger, to put it simply. Exercising and practicing sports make our bodies increase the number of white blood cells, as well as their circulation speed. WBCs are responsible for killing most infections in our bodies. When we exercise, our body temperature also goes up, which kills bacteria and infections, which also happens when we get a fever.

A stronger immune system means more resistance to various viruses and bacteria, which comes in handy when a global pandemic is ravaging the world.


Sports are social activities. For sports to be sports, there has to be competition, meaning that you will at least have one opponent, if not more if you are competing in a team activity. Practicing and taking part in sports means socialization. This is great in today’s digital world where talking is a tertiary way of communicating.

Sports are good for us, in more ways than one, and these are some of the ways you can benefit from sports and overall exercising.