High-quality Cycling Equipment: the 5 Essentials

April 17, 2021

Taking up cycling is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and wellbeing, but if you are serious about cycling, getting a bike isn’t really enough. Here is a list of the 5 essentials, besides a bike, that every cyclist needs. 

1. Helmet

A helmet is without a doubt, one essential that every cyclist needs. You simply cannot begin your cycling journey without a proper helmet. You also shouldn’t try to find the cheapest one, nor should you buy just any helmet for the sake of having a helmet. Your head should be well protected and secure, and for that, you need something that is of high quality. Kask is one of the best places you can find great helmets that will last you a long time and protect you when necessary. The Rapido is a helmet great for all cyclists, especially those living in hot climates since it has several vents for maximum airflow. 

2. Padded shorts

Let’s face it – cycling can at first be somewhat painful and uncomfortable if you are not used to sitting on the bicycle saddle. This changes over time and you get more and more used to it, but why even go through that painful adjustment period? You can simply get some padded bicycle shorts that can help minimize the pain. That way, you won’t dread the ride, you will look forward to it and enjoy it more. We recommend the Aeron bib shorts from Dhb which are great if you want to look good but also not spend a horrible amount of money.  

3. Cycling jersey

Every cyclist has the same issue – you are ready to begin your ride, but where do you put your phone, the keys, the wallet, and all other items you cannot leave without? Of course, you can wear a backpack, but then you have to worry about sweating too much and feeling limited in your movements. To avoid all of this, you should get a cycling jersey. These are usually pretty tight, so you’ll be more aerodynamic, and they are made of materials that won’t irritate you or cause you to sweat. The best thing is that there is a place for everything you need to bring with you! Rapha’s Core jersey is one of the best picks you can find. This one looks so great, you will want to wear it even when you aren’t on a ride. 

4. Sunglasses

One of the worst things that can happen to you during a ride is that you simply cannot see where you are going! This can actually happen very often – when it is too sunny or extremely windy. There is also a possibility of dirt and different flying insects getting into your eye which again prevents you from seeing properly. Not only is this annoying and it lessens the enjoyment of the ride, but it is also very dangerous! When you are unable to pay attention to where you are going, accidents happen more easily. This is why every cyclist needs a pair of sunglasses, and the Radar EV Advancer ones from Oakley are definitely something to check out. These change the tint depending on the lighting, so you will be safe in any weather. 

5. Cycling shoes

Despite what you may have thought, there are some types of shoes that are just better for cycling than others. Just like you need propper, shoes that support you when you are running, you need shoes that are going to make your bike ride easier for you. MTB shoes are a great option. These cycling shoes make it easier for you to grip the pedals and quickly get your feet down when you need to stop.