All You Need to Know About Golf

March 19, 2021

So you finally decided that you need a new hobby. Nothing too intense, just something to get you on your feet and outside, so that you can spend your free time peacefully and not be cramped in an apartment. Well, golf may be just the thing you need, especially during the pandemic, as this sport is all about physical distancing: games in huge outdoor spaces, with plenty of fresh air and entertainment to take your mind off your daily troubles. However, in the past, you may have been overwhelmed by the time energy you need to invest before even starting to play; this should not worry you, as here you can find everything you need to start golfing as soon as possible.

Learn the etiquette

There are far too many rules to fit into this article, and they can vary from country to country, but something that you should also pay attention to is the way you behave on the course. Most of these rules are unwritten and considered common knowledge among golfers. For example, you should never stand between a player’s ball and the hole. Also, avoid talking in the middle of another player’s swing. Punctuality goes without saying –do not be late for a scheduled match. If you are a beginner, try not to become angry after a bad shot, as this is also considered to be extremely rude. If you want to bet on golf tournaments from Canada, check the bet365 registration process in order to open an account and start betting.

Take your time swinging

Do not expect to be good at golfing immediately – every good golfer was bad at some point in their lives, so give yourself some time to be bad at it, before you can move on. Of course, it is practically impossible to achieve some level of improvement without professional lessons or help, but it is a very good idea to get a feel for the clubs and the balls beforehand. This means going out to a course with a lot of balls, and hitting them until you start to get some feeling for the club. This may take some time, so do not rush it. Only after this step can you start with lessons and actual improvement.

Do not buy too many clubs

The rules permit carrying as many as fourteen clubs with you at a time, but that is far too many if you are just starting out. In the beginning, you will not need more than a driver, a putter, and a sand wedge. They can all get a bit pricey, so go to your local golf shop and ask them whether they have any discounted or used clubs for sale. They very often do, and you will have something to practice until you get the feel for finer details, like a stiff or a flexible shaft on your clubs. Of course, you will not go wrong if you buy new clubs straight away, but it is a better idea to wait and see what your preferences are.

Choose your course wisely

This is also a very important tip that you should keep in mind. Golf is by no means easy, and choosing an overly complex course can get you discouraged before you sink your first shot. Firstly, do not try to go for an 18-hole course straight away. Instead, choose a 3-hole course to get you warmed up. Secondly, do not choose a course that is too wavy or with hazards –ideally, you want a flat and small course where you can monitor your progress.